Provision for Authorised Break of Study

A student is permitted to go on break of study for a maximum period of one year as a single spell.

Break of Study shall be granted only once for valid reasons for a maximum of one year during the entire period of study of the degree programme. However, in extraordinary situation the candidate may apply for additional break of study not exceeding another one year by paying prescribed fee for break of study. If a candidate intends to temporarily discontinue the programme in the middle of the semester for valid reasons, and to rejoin the programme in a subsequent year, permission may be granted based on the merits of the case provided he / she applies to the Director, Student Affairs in advance, but not later than the last date for registering for the end semester examination of the semester in question, through the Head of the Institution stating the reasons therefore and the probable date of rejoining the programme.

The candidates permitted to rejoin the programme after break of study / prevention due to lack of attendance, shall be governed by the Curriculum and Regulations in force at the time of rejoining. The students rejoining in new Regulations shall apply to the Director, Academic Courses in the prescribed format through Head of the Institution at the beginning of the readmitted semester itself for prescribing additional courses, if any, from any semester of the regulations in-force, so as to bridge the curriculum in-force and the old curriculum.

The authorized break of study would not be counted towards the duration specified for passing all the courses for the purpose of classification

The total period for completion of the Programme reckoned from, the commencement of the first semester to which the candidate was admitted shall not exceed the maximum period (as per the regulations) irrespective of the period of break of study in order that he/she may be eligible for the award of the degree.

If any student is prevented for want of required attendance, the period of prevention shall not be considered as authorized ‘Break of Study’.

The regulations of the corresponding degree programme can be obtained from the url:


The duly filled application should be sent to The Director, Centre for Student Affairs, Anna University, Chennai - 25, not later than the last date of registration for the End Semester Examination.

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Collection of RRA Fees

The Centre for Student Affairs, Anna University receives the admission approval orders from the Directorate of Technical Education, who have been admitted in the First year degree courses in all the Govt./Govt.Aided/Self Financing Engineering colleges affiliated to Anna University.

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Student Grievance Redressal

Grievance Redressal Cell has been constituted by Anna University in accordance with the University Grants Commission regulations and the Director, Centre for Student Affairs is acting as Nodal Officer for the Grievance Redressal Cell of Anna University.

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