The Educational Multimedia Research Centre (EMRC) Anna University Chennai, Chennai is one of the Twenty One media centres across the country, established and funded by the University Grants Commission in 1985 as Audio Visual Research Centre (AVRC) with a mandate to disseminate knowledge in the field of Science and Technology, Management, History, Arts & Culture to the society through enrichment and courseware based video programmes, and e-content resources such as development of MOOCs (Massive Online Open Course) courses, telecasting educational programmes on national DTH Television media DAKSH channel No.10 using electronic media.


To Electronically Reach a large Number of Students, Teachers and General public with quality Educational Material, so as to address the issues of accessibility to higher education with equity and quality through Educational Television programmes (ETV) and ICT Platforms.

EMMRC has published 17 research reports on the various aspects of educational television such as Content Analysis / Message System Analysis, Audience Research, Formative Research and FM Channels. A regional report on the impact of teaching / talkback course on new Information and Communication Technologies. Ten research papers in the field of Educational Television and Mass Communication have been published in the national and international journals.

The Centre is concentrating on MOOCs online courses offered through an ICT platform that enables students to access high quality video lectures, reading resources; allows them to participate in discussion forums; take tests and also earn academic grades. MOOCs may either be credit bearing under semester system.

The media centre has contributed much to the Prime Minister's Digital India by developing programmes for DTH channel No. 10 in the subjects of Applied Sciences in SWAYAM Prabha Portal for Direct-To-Home (DTH) Programme that this broadcastings will help interested candidates to learn more at anytime, anywhere and any number of times. DTH programmes have been made daily available in exclusive of MHRD Government of India TV channels.

SWAYAM Tamil Translation project work is in progress to enable regional community of viewers to get quality education and understanding of the subject through online portals