Short Term Training Course on CAD/CAM/CAE from July 2022 to August 2022

Welcome to AU-FRG Institute

Anna University has been in the forefront of international co-operation programmes in engineering and technology and receives financial and expert assistance from many countries for enhancement of infrastructural facilities in emerging areas of technology. AU-FRG Institute for CAD/CAM which was established in February 1996 with assistance from the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) is a result of one such joint venture aimed at promoting CAD/CAM technologies in the Indian Industrial Sector.

The major objective of this pioneering institute at College of Engineering Campus is to provide all assistance to the Indian industries in enhancing their productivity and product design capabilities at optimal cost so as to assist them in becoming global players by the deployment of various CAD/CAM/CAE tools.

AU-FRG Institute for CAD/CAM is running a Part Time selfsupported M.E programme on Product Design & Development for the benefit of working professionals and Teaching designing to upgrade their professional qualification.


To excel and provide solutions in New Product Development by using the latest CAD/CAM advancements for needs of the Industry/Research Institutions alike in the frontier areas where application of CAE is inevitable.


1. To provide technical solutions in any New Product Development from concept to Realization by using CAE tools.

2. To transform the students’ knowledge through training using innovative learning platform and make them readily employable.

3. To nurture New Product Development through creative design teaching and learning process.

4. To strive and meet futuristic need of the industries using advanced manufacturing technologies.