University Grants Commission (UGC) - Country Wide Class Room (CWCR)

As early as in 1984 University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi has launched Country Wide Class Room (CWCR) and production facilities at 6 universities in India through establishing media centres in the name of Audio Visual Research Centres (AVRCs) (AVRCS) (later these centres have been renamed as Educational Multimedia Research Centres (EMMRCS). read more..

Consortium for Educational Communication (CEC) is an Inter University Centre, established by University Grants Commission, on 26th May 1993, under section 12 (ccc) of its act of 1956. CEC is registered as a society and enjoys Central University Status. read more..

Anna CR Programmes


Anna CR is very careful about the broadcast rights. It does produce its own music. Young talents are brought to the studios and their music is recorded. Preference is given to instrumental music. Anna CR takes the broadcast rights.
Programme for the visually challenged
The National Institute for Visually Handicapped (NIVH) has a branch in Chennai. It produces audiocassettes for the visually challenged students. Anna CR has allotted one hour daily to broadcast these materials so that the visually challenged in and around the coverage area can benefit. The service started in August 2004.
Arokiyam Theivai
Interview with the health experts and doctors on various diseases and its impact on health is being discussed. The programme also focuses on Siddha, Naturopathy, Yoga and Ayurveda.
Lifestyle Programme
Lifestyle programme is one of the main characteristic programmes of a community radio to bring out the downtrodden people’s lifestyle. Discussions with the snake charmers, gypsies and watchmen are some typical examples.
Career Guidance
This programme is on air every Saturday. It is an inspirational and motivational programme for youngsters, giving live examples of success stories of people living among us. It is about developing positive attributes and qualities within an individual which will help him/her succeed in life.
Community Pulse – Samuthaya Nerkanal
This slot deals with issues that are currently pulsating in the community around. So far, topics such as awareness on HIV, tree planting, women self help groups, community maintenance of beaches, unique community views on national anthem, superstition and a host of other topics benefiting the community and many more have been covered.
Kaasathin Ellai
This is a series of programme which creates awareness on tuberculosis, its dangers and how to prevent tuberculosis and how to cure it in detail.
Kalvi Urimai Sattam
This is also a series which tells about the right to free and compulsory education in detail. Various other programmes creating awareness on various diseases and other subjects are being produced and broadcast by Anna CR.





Anna University is the first University to take up the idea of India's University Grants Commission (UGC) to start MSc (Electronic Media) Programmes. It offers a five-year integrated MSc programme and a two-year MSc programme in Electronic Media. The Department of Media Sciences was started in Janurary 2002, branching off from the UGC'S Educational Multimedia Research Centre (EMMRC).read more.